I was late at the office, shivered more than I should have on the walk home, cursing myself for not wearing a sweater.

I didn’t have anything in mind for the evening, but the fog was beautiful and I figured fuck it, why not, mounted the 35 1.4 and went back into the haze.


The night was dense…a blanket of fog covered the Brooklyn waterfront; empty streets and quiet corners were too tempting.

I felt a tap on my right leg close to midnight.

Want any company?”

I wouldn’t say no.

“I feel the need to take a walk”

I’ll meet you outside your place. 

Branches brushed my shoulders as I passed the church across from her apartment.

Her lips met mine as we said hello.

I didn’t think I’d see you tonight. 

“I felt spontaneous, which is unusual for me.”


I wasn’t complaining.

She’s going to laugh at me when she reads this.

I really don’t mind.




Ebb & Flow – a note from the author.

I don’t think it’s any secret to anyone that knows me that I’ve gone through a pretty long hiatus from photography. Between coping with a job requiring long hours, feeling disaffected by my surroundings for a couple years, and an overall lack of inspiration, I fell into a routine of not carrying a camera around. Even when I did make an effort to have a camera of some sort on me, I wasn’t able to push through the haze of indifference to the medium that had overtaken me.

I felt that if I wasn’t making “Extraordinary” pictures, emphasis on the capital E, that pictures wouldn’t be worth making at all. The sense of urgency, and, honestly, lust for capturing my own experiences was somehow lost on me.

Little by little in the past few months, the door has slowly become unlocked again, and I’ve found myself thoroughly enjoying seeing again. The façade of emotional turmoil that I convinced myself I needed in order to make work began to crumble away, and light slowly started to seep in through the cracks.

Relearning to see, and love that light has been instrumental in getting me to the place I am today, as I sit in my apartment after a 10 hour day, thinking about all the things I want to do next, whether that be with photography, music, or writing.

This is my promise to myself to be the best I can be, to embrace the challenges that throw themselves my way, to relish the experiences that come along with them, and share those experiences with those I care about.

It’s going to be a good year.